Pécs and Villány

As a result of the two thousand years old culture, the medditerranean climate of the city and last but not least the perfect wine, Pécs gave birth to many world renowned artist from impressionism to Bauhaus and op-art. The city is famous for its museums,stirring art life and festivals; the intangible, cultural and historical assets of the city attract many visitors year by year.

As the Cultural Capital of Europe in 2010, Pécs went trough a spectacular progress, getting richer with speacial and world-standard facilites like the Dél-dunántúli Regionális Könyvtár és Tudásközpont, the Kodály Centre  and the  Zsolnay Cultural Quarter.

Today Pécs has a population of approximately 170.000 and it is the industrial-academic-cultural central of the region. Since the croatian, german, gipsy and serbian minority are significant in the region, many instituion operates in the city tending and maintaning the culture of these nationalities.