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Winesong Festival

“In vino veritas”


It is over 25 years, that the Pécs Male Choir Foundation and the Villány-Siklós Wine Road united the forces for a unique and highly successful event: the European Convivial Winesong Festival. ‘Joy, friendship and songs make the good wine!’ – this old Hungarian proverb is our motto, perfectly characterizing the convivial winesong festivals. Without these three components human life would be grayer and poorer – and the mellow essence of these three components was to be felt, in our winesong-,joy- and friendship-centre festival. The first festival was held in 1993 – and through the years, about 4000 singers of 38 countries spread the reputation of Hungarian music, the Villány wines and our hospitality. Grape and wine have been playing a remarkable role in the human civilization, from the point of view of economy as well as intellectuality. The 23 European and 3 World Festivals were excellent examples for the dialogue of different cultures, proving that through the vigor of music, this magnificent liquor became the symbol of the togetherness, the community of Europe.


Dr. Tamás Lakner

Liszt-awarded conductor,

The artistic director of the Convivial Winesong Festivals

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26th European Convivial Winesong Festival Day 1
23. September 2022. - 17:30
Villány Event Square; Bock Winery - Villány
26th European Convivial Winesong Festival Day 2
24. September 2022. - 16:30
Kodály Centre, Pécs
26th European Convivial Winesong Festival Day 3
25. September 2022. - 10:00
Villány-Siklós Wine Route; Pécs - Széchenyi square

Wine goes hand in hand with songs
in every culture, but only the hungarians
have “winesongs” – you would think so.