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11th Villány Premium Wine Sampling

This will be the 11th time that winemakers of the Villány-Siklós Wine Route have presented their premium wines, where the participants can taste wonderful Cabernet Francs and Villányi Redy.

24. August 2022.

Traditional festival - new structure!

The European Wine Song Festival, after 29 years of focusing on male voice singing only, now is OPEN for MIXED CHOIRS!

28. February 2022.

25th European Convivial Winesong Festival

September 24-26 2021

15. July 2021.

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27th European Convivial Winesong Festival Day 2
23. September 2023. - 16:30
Kodály Centre, Pécs
27th European Convivial Winesong Festival Day 3
24. September 2023. - 10:00
Villány-Siklós Wine Route; Pécs - Széchenyi square

Wine goes hand in hand with songs
in every culture, but only the hungarians
have “winesongs” – you would think so.