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10th Villány Premium Wine Muster

This will be the 10th time that winemakers of Villány-Siklós Wine Route will present their premium wines, where the participants can taste wonderful Cabernet Francs and Villányi Redy.

• Bock Winery
• Csányi Winery
• Gere Attila Winery
• Gere Tamás and Zsolt Winery
• Sauska Winery
• Lelovits Tamás Winery
• Mokos Winery
• Polgár Winery
• Koch Winery
• Tiffán Ede Winery
• Jackfall Winemanufacture
• Bíbor Estate


Wine tasting: in advance 3990 HUF, on the spot 4990 HUF

Ticket presale is available at Zsolnay Cultural Quarter Ticket Office and on link.

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23. September 2022. - 17:30
Villány Event Square; Bock Winery - Villány
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24. September 2022. - 16:30
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Wine goes hand in hand with songs
in every culture, but only the hungarians
have “winesongs” – you would think so.